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Krishna M. Ella, PhD
Chairman and Managing Director
Bharat Biotech International Limited

Dr. Krishna Ella, an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, returned to India in 1996 with his wife Suchitra to establish Bharat Biotech International Limited with vision to develop innovative remedies for developing world healthcare challenges. Today, the company has delivered over 7 billion vaccine doses to the poorest and most underserved populations in over 123 developing countries through UNICEF, GAVI and other channels. Top of Form

Having carried out over ~90 clinical trials in more than ~7,00,000 volunteers in over 20 countries, the company continues to spearhead innovation and clinical development in the developing world. Under Dr Ella’s leadership, Bharat Biotech also acquired Chiron Behring Vaccines Private Ltd., from GlaxoSmithKline in 2019.

With 433 patents filed and over 145 granted patents, including the world’s first global patents filed for Chikungunya and Zika virus vaccines, the company, under Dr. Ella’s leadership, has led development of 17 vaccines used in India and around the world.

Forging and nurturing global partnerships under the Indo-US VAP bilateral programme since 2001, Dr. Ella ensured that Bharat Biotech successfully developed Rotavac®, a vaccine against Rotavirus-induced diarrhoeal infections and death, through the first efficacy trial from the developing world, and Typhoid (TypbarTCV®) in 2013, the world’s 1st Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine, with human challenge studies conducted at Oxford University. Effectiveness studies were conducted in 6 countries in partnership with University of Maryland, CDC, Cambridge, Oxford and Aga Khan Universities.

Most recently, the company, under Dr. Ella’s leadership, successfully delivered COVAXIN®- India’s 1st indigenous vaccine against COVID-19 and iNCOVACC- the world’s first intranasal vaccine for COVID-19, in collaboration with Washington University.

The company, in collaboration with University of Maryland, is currently engaged in developing a vaccine for Non-Typhoidal Salmonella (NTS) and has successfully completed Phase-1 with grants from The Wellcome Trust.

Dr. Ella has also founded Biovet, a company focussed on animal health vaccines, with the largest Animal Vaccine Manufacturing facility in India, including India’s 1st and world’s 2nd BSL-3+Ag/ BSL-4 production facility, and recently acquired the facility of Intervet India Pvt Ltd., from MSD Animal Health India.

Sapigen Biologix, started with an outlay of approximately ~$200 Million, is Dr. Ella’s newest venture. Based out of the east Indian state of Odisha, the company will primarily focus on contract manufacturing of vaccines and monoclonal antibodies, and is slated to commence operations in 3-5 months..

Dr. Ella contributes to shaping India’s policies on science, research and innovation in various capacities as a Member on over 15 Government of India committees. He is a recipient of over numerous National & International awards and Honorary Doctorate degrees, including from the University of Wisconsin- Madison, USA, in 2022.

Dr Ella is a 2022 recipient of the Padma Bhushan, the Republic of India’s third highest civilian award, in recognition for his incomparable contributions to the society and industry.

Dr. Ella’s dream is to develop a sustainable ecosystem of healthy people, healthy livestock and healthy produce.

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