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USA India Chamber of Commerce has created an exclusive BioPharma innovation ecosystem for senior industry executives, academicians, investors and policy makers to Learn, Share, Deliberate and Network. This unique platform creates mutually beneficial opportunities and relationships for the global Healthcare & Life Sciences industry.

13th US-India BioPharma & Healthcare Summit, Thursday, May 9, 2019

Chair and Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)– Dr. Andrew Plump, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer  Takeda, Pharmaceuticals

12th US-India BioPharma & Healthcare Summit 2018
Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Time: 9 AM to 6-30 PM
Location: Grand Ballroom, Marriott Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 

Panel Discussion on Industry-Academic Research Alliance Panel – Where will future innovation in healthcare come from?

Panel Description: Biopharma discovery pipelines and infrastructure cannot meet future patient and industry demand for new therapies and must increasingly depend on academic and non-profit institution innovation. How have these alliances fared so far? What are the key performance indicators to measure success? What are we doing to enhance these relationships? And where do we go from here. These burning questions and many more would be our focus in this panel.

Panel Discussion points:

  • The Inside Scoop: We would like to know your experience with these alliances. Share with us one story – either a success or horror story about such an alliance and what caused the situation?
  • Why the negativity?: Academic-industry alliance have famously earned a reputation for being unproductive.  Is the reputation deserved?  Why or Why not?
  • The big questions of How: So the big question is can academia and industrial collaborate and align in a common goal and get stuff done? How? How can we attract the best projects/people from academia? How do we maximize the quality of projects? How do we engage industry partner participation and increase ownership?
  • Where do we go from here? What opportunities exist for productive alliances in underappreciated territories? Are there incentives have attracted alliances in such environments?

Panel Discussion: Neurodegenerative Diseases – Breaking Barriers for a Healthy Brain

Panel Description: With an ageing population, neurological disease could soon become our biggest public health challenge. In this panel, our discussions would focus on how upcoming new technologies/ platforms can progress development of treatments against these diseases, and how big data can play a role? We will also focus on key unmet needs e.g., crossing the blood brain barrier or signal detection in trials and how we are thinking about addressing them. Finally, we will explore how innovation outside of science and R&D can impact our goal of addressing CNS diseases?

Panel Discussion Points:

  • The next big thing?: Are there specific developments in basic science /R&D/technology platforms that intrigues you in terms of addressing neurological disease? Any new therapies, imaging techniques, or diagnostic tools that you think could revolutionize the field in the coming decades?
  • Progress against unsolved challenges: What are the greatest unmet needs in drug delivery and clinical trials for CNS diseases? Any thoughts on technologies that might overcome the challenge posed by the “blood brain barrier”? Are there new methodologies that enhance signal detection in CNS trials?
  • Impact of data: Data analytics appears to be making a great impact in drug development. How can big data be leveraged in the development of new treatments for the CNS?
  • Future direction: Which neurological diseases do you think will see the greatest improvements in the near future? And beyond scientific advances what type of innovation (e.g., partnerships or changes in the “external environment”) would be needed to address this problem?

Panel Discussion: Oncology – A never ending tunnel?

Panel Description: We can probably spend an entire day or week on this panel. But in this one hour we want to understand whether we are nearing the end of the tunnel in oncology drug development and how has changing clinical trial designs and modalities impacted drug development for cancer? With almost 500 I/O agents (about 150 for checkpoints), what have we learnt so far and where are we going next in developing better, safer, I/O agents? We will also discuss the different perspectives on oncology drug development and their challenges and pitfalls. Finally we will discuss what more is needed in terms of innovation and where do expect to see more therapies coming from?

Panel Discussion Points:

  • Journey so far: How has cancer care changed since the development of chemotherapeutic agents?
  • Evolution of oncology clinical trial designs and regulatory frameworks: How are clinical trials changing? What are your thoughts on novel trial designs such as basket trials (i.e., disease agnostic), or biomarker driven trials? How are the FDA guidelines on Real World Data/Evidence changing the way we collect information and are they being used to support/accelerate registration of new drugs? Have regulatory changes in various Emerging Markets led to changes in the footprint of global oncology trial conduct?
  • A pulse check on checkpoints and I/O: What is new in our understanding of the tumor micro environment, especially with recent failures (IDO-1 combo)? What have we learnt so far? With 150+ agents in the clinical stage targeting PD1/PDL1 is there still an appetite for novel mechanisms? Thoughts on rationale selection of choosing I/O combo agents?
  • Challenges and pitfalls in oncology drug development: What are the current impediments for developing effective therapies? Are there specific challenges in choosing the right modality or partner drug for combination therapies?
  • Different perspectives: How is big pharma thinking about developing new cancer drugs? How this different from the biotech lens?
  • Cancer in the emerging markets: What approaches are being taken to ensure access to new oncology agents globally? How can cross-border partnerships impact drug development?
  • Are we there yet?: How far are we from the end of the tunnel? What are the key gaps remaining? Where will the new therapies be discovered? Who is best positioned to feed innovation at pharma and large biotech? Will it be academia, biotech or new efforts in pharma or all of the above?

Fireside Chat- Investment Panel: Following the money:

Panel Description: Investments at the right time and the right stage are crucial for drug development. In this fireside chat session we want to understand that DNA of investment. What drives the balance between innovation and risk? How do investors change with the changes in platforms or targets and continue to choose the right area? And finally how can private and public funding sources collaborate towards the bigger goal of progressing drug development.

Panel Discussion Points:

  • Finding the balance: In terms of the unchanging need to balance the promise of innovation with the risk of failure, what is your high level strategy and is it changing?
  • Evolution of investments: How have your investment activities changed in the past decade?  How do you expect to change in the next one?
  • What are the current opportunities and/or challenges in raising capital for investment in global ventures?
  • Choosing the right areas: Are there areas that you think are more ripe for investment than others? Are there specific therapeutic areas that are more attractive, or less so?
  • If you had one story to tell about your investment career that illuminates the challenges, what would it be?
  • Can we work together?: What role can the public sector play to augment private investment in the biotech and science spaces?

Panel Discussion: Leveraging technology in biotechnology – healthcare solutions via technology platforms

Panel Description: The focus of this panel would be on how tech platforms such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, clinical trial platforms can enable innovation in Biopharma from preclinical, clinical, manufacturing and delivery. How far are we from such developments and how do we differentiate realistic goals from all the hype. Finally we want to touch upon where we want to set our sights and how we can utilize these novel tools to prepare for future challenges in healthcare.

Panel Discussion Points:

  • Let’s build something together: How can we take advantage of Blockchain, Digital Media, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, and Internet of Things? What are the key challenges these platforms can address and how can we find the solutions? How can these technologies help us climb from trial design to optimization and inference?
  • The future of precision medicine: What are the recent advances in precision medicine? How can we redefine precision medicine globally and where do innovations such as augmented intelligence, automation, and scalability play a role in this path?
  • What’s real and what’s hype?: How to break it down for practical steps forward
  • The Pharma Computer:  How realistic is a blockchain enabled computing fabric for the pharma industry? And how can we utilize these technologies to bring innovation within compliance.
  • Where should we set our sights?: Impacting the healthcare challenges of the future. What progress are being made toward new solutions for patients with the most challenging conditions? How can we translate these solutions globally?

Panel Discussion: R&D Strategies and Trends – Innovation – The Big I

Panel Description: All of your organizations are going through or have gone through periods of change with new leadership and new innovation. In this panel we want to focus on those intangibles that are often missed. What have been some of the challenges and surprises? What are the gaps in current R&D and where should we see the biggest change from?

Panel Discussion Points:
  • New roles, new challenges: What has been the biggest challenge with new leadership? As someone taking on a new role, what was your biggest surprise regarding R&D strategies?
  • Winds of change: What are the biggest gaps in R&D organizations and what process changes have made the biggest impact?
  • Targets on sight: If you had one wish, which TA/modality would you want to make the most progress in and why?
  • Depth vs Breadth: Where do you see the right balance – is it being more innovative in one area or across multiple areas?
  • Disruptors: What are the hottest areas of upcoming science that your R&D organization is focusing on? Which of the new modalities are you most excited about? What would you consider as disruptors of classical innovation that are looming on the horizon?


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